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      The new transit enterprise website system uses the PHP+MYSQL technology and MVC mode of development, clear structure, easy to maintain code. Support pseudo static function, can generate Google and Baidu maps, support for custom URL, keyword and description, in compliance with the SEO standard. Have enterprise web site commonly used functional modules (corporate profile module, news module, module products, download module, image module, online message, online orders, links, site map), flexible and powerful background management functions, for the enterprise to create a professional and standard web site of marketing force.

The website system function:
1. A single page module: publish enterprises of all types of information, such as company profiles, organization, enterprise honor, contact and random additions and deletions.
2 news module: can publish business news and industry news, support two columns, the number of columns unlimited.
3 product modules: product support two classification, and products can be directly under the order inquiry, and support for e-mail notification, more in line with corporate marketing.
4 picture module: the way of photo album, can publish the success stories or company photo albums and other columns, more intuitive display of the superiority of the enterprise.
5 download module: users can upload documents in the background, to facilitate the use of Web customers to download.
6 online message: let the customer's advice can be timely feedback to the enterprise, and support the message notification, so that communication becomes more convenient.
7 product search: customers can enter the keyword keyword search, increase the flexibility of the site.
8 product copy: can be added to the product to be copied, so as to improve the efficiency of the addition of products.
9 image watermark: in the background to set the company's watermark image, upload pictures automatically add the watermark, to prevent the enterprise product image is stolen.
10 e-mail notification: in the customer orders or messages, will send mail to your designated mailbox, so that the work is more efficient.

11 search optimization: total station support pseudo static, can be customized keywords, description, URL, generate sitemap function, add the chain and Tag tags and other optimization functions, the direct ranking effect compared to other web site program upgrade 80%.

12 generation website map: Baidu Googoe, Sitemap Sitemap, is more conducive to search engine included.

13 online customer service: the background of the integration of online customer service system, only need to add the relevant chat software account can be online consulting.

14 responsive design: computer, mobile phone, tablet to improve the adaptive access to facilitate the global end user browsing.

15.Logo and Banner design: free design website logo and banner ads.

16 anti copy encryption: encryption for enterprise information, to prevent peer and malicious competition to steal information.

17 safety certification: provide rising and 360 site safety certification, improve site security and trust.

18 share plug-ins: a key to forward the site to the domestic and foreign media platforms, web marketing tool.

19. Training services: customers enjoy free Xinguang Road regular network promotion, micro powder absorbing, SEO optimization, overseas marketing training.



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